If you would chose, here are a few options

Dine with me

Lets dine together

Dinner alone is one of life's pleasures, but wouldn’t it be beautiful if we could have a lovely moonlight/candlelight dinner together? Lets make it a date


A good date ends with dinner but a great date ends in cuddles


Meeting in Vienna could be also at mine if this is convenient if you so desire.



A lover's soul lives in the body of his mistress. - PLUTARCH

My World, Your Oyster

What if you could feel the inner pleasure and peace you so crave for? Make my little world your Oyster. Come on in, leave your worries outside and feel Utopia  right in my arms


The value of a pearl is on the girl wearing them--

A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearl- Coco Chanel


Come closer, unravel my inner Passions,  me like a pearl and make my world your Oyster.

Your intimate muse

Do you seek a date to ease your desire? to stare up your passions or to inspire you intimately?

Even in your warmest or coldest moment, Let me be your muse

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