• Ella Grantt

A poet in love

Updated: Mar 2

I crave Passion, I share delight, I make memories...but I Love Diamonds

In a world filled with so much romance and desires. One can only wish for the touching epigraph, the breath-taking climax and the perfect Epilogue.

If you can see my heart through my eyes then you can touch my soul through my hands...

My photos might not show as much as you would like to know about me...

Here are four distinct things you will definately not miss when we meet.

For starters, the tiny but visible ethnic scar on my cheek.

The freedom tattoo somewhere on me, but you would have to find out for yourself.

My imperfect flaws which i embrace so much.

The fourth thing you would notice when we meet goes with my favourite quote.

"Sorry, but I'm not tall enough to ride your rmotional roller coaster.


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