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About Ella Grantt

I'm Ella Grantt. A  world explorer, Lover of art and nature, A sucker for poetry and a history nerd.

An admirer of iconic coquettes and female historical legends. In my dream fantasy, i would compose poems with Veronika Franco, learn romance with Marilyn Monroe and rule the world with Evita Peron.

Perhaps you stumbled here out of boredom, curiosity or perfect intention. Maybe you are  seeking someone that simply gets you, all of your flaws and admirable nobility. Someone that can laugh with you, appreciate your passions, ignite your creativity and soothe your insecurity. A little birdy once called me the Alluring Jiminy cricket. take a look around and hopefully we could meet someday soon



What are you waiting for?

Ella Grantt

Hi loves I'm Ella, an African Exotic beauty here to pleasure your sensual desires.For a gentleman who needs a wild and perfect experience with the naughty girl next door. I bring out different sides of every man’s inner desire.My mixed origins gives me a high adventure that goes far and wild. I represent every good and bad girl you ever dreamed of In your wildest fantasy!


A note about my photos: Discretion and security is of the utmost importance and I am quite wary of having my identity floating around in the ether. To maintain my privacy I do not have my full image displayed publicly. Hence, I do not reveal my face in my photos and my tattoos are airbrushed out. I would love to show them off as they are true works of art, but I do not only for reasons of privacy and on-line anonymity. That said, the photos posted are 100% real and updated constantly.


My photos might not show as much as you would like to know about me...

Here are four distinct things you will definitely not miss when we meet.

For starters, the tiny but visible ethnic scar on my cheek.

The freedom tattoo somewhere on me, but you would have to find out for yourself.

My imperfect flaws which i embrace so much.

The fourth thing you would notice when we meet goes with my favourite quote.

"Sorry, but I'm not tall enough to ride your emotional roller coaster.


If you can see my heart through my eyes then you can touch my soul through my hands...

With love from ELLA

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